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The Grove for International Workers

Hard to believe it’s time to think about Mahaffey and The Grove for International Workers. Once again we will have a money tree for the International Workers. This year’s list includes 12 International Workers who are currently on the field. The list also includes 12 Retirees. For the past 2 years we have participated in […]

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GCW Newsletter March-April 2018

Please take a moment to read the GCW Newsletter March and April 2018. If you want additional resources or want to sign up for the newsletter follow the link below: GCW Resources & Newsletter Subscribe Page

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GCW – The Grove: Support our Missionaries

The Great Commission Women (GCW) of the Alliance Church supports Alliance Missionaries. During the family camp at Mahaffey in July, on Thursday, it is Missions Day. In the afternoon there is a parade of Alliance missionaries and a speaker. In the morning they have what they call The Grove. GCW groups have items that the […]

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