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Life To The Full

Do you want to enjoy the abundant life of being fully surrendered to God in mind, body and spirit? Then join around 500 women from all over Western PA, April 22-23, as Arlene Pellicane blends humor and Biblical encouragement for women to grow more beautiful from the inside out. Throughout the weekend we will also […]

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5 Prayers for me as your Pastor – Rev. Dr. Daniel Stegeman

From the installation service held on January 28, 2016 (1 Corinthians 1:17-2:5) 1. That I would faithfully preach the gospel (verse 17) 2. That I would have a fruitful ministry (verse 21) 3. That I would be characterized by humility (verses 26-31) 4. That my consuming passion would be knowing Christ (verse 2:2) 5. That […]

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February 2016 Newsletter

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK – FINDING THE GOSPEL IN THE STORY OF DAVID & GOLIATH When we read a bible story such as David and Goliath, we want to think of ourselves as being like David, don’t we? We like to think of ourselves as underdogs in this big bad world who have the courage […]

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